Top 3 Things To Check For When Choosing a Boxing Club

1. Go and check out whether the boxing gym has good coaches / trainers. Ask yourself:

Whether the coaches are officially qualified?

Are they / were they accomplished and experienced amateur / pro boxers themselves?

Who have they fought? What’s their record!?

These are important points to consider when choosing a Telford boxing gym; you want to learn from someone who’s been there and done it, and made all the possible mistakes so that you don’t have to!

Even a specific trainer who doesn’t box anymore should know how to box, to teach you as quickly as possible. Thankfully they do at Telford Boxing.

2. See what equipment they have there, so ask yourself;

Do they have all the right bags, speedballs and boxing gloves for you to use?

Do they have a boxing ring(s)?

Do they have skipping ropes, medicine balls and weights? (these aren’t quite as important as the above points)

Do they have what you want?

These are all typical things to have for a boxing gym, and you probably won’t find martial arts gyms with this sort of equipment actually.

At Telford Boxing all of this equipment will most likely be provided for you to come and train for only a few pounds for an hour or 2. This gives you real value for money, in a place where you can let out as much stress and aggression as you like!

In fact you’ll be encouraged to let off steam, albeit in a controlled way that’s very suitable for “wild” young people especially, and you can learn to box from about 5 years+.

If you wanted to make a career out of it then you should start young, although we have nothing but respect for you boxing to relieve stress from your demanding job for example. Seriously, certain famous pro boxers have had fights in their 50’s!

3. Check out your travel and lesson times.

Telford Boxing will usually provide lessons in the evening, for when the majority of people finish work.

That’s convenient for most people isn’t it?

Telford’s not a big city, it’s just above a town size so it will be very easy to get to Telford Boxing Club by car or bus, or if you’re on foot, then like I say Telford isn’t too big so there should be no excuse for not checking out the club, especially when you consider that some running will be part of your boxing training!

Whether you want to box to compete, for fitness, self defence or weight loss then you’ll find a welcome atmosphere at Telford Boxing.

Check out the Telford Boxing website for the clubs contact and location details, where you’ll find a boxing club that will cater for all your needs to fulfill your urge to go boxing and punch those bags for real.