Must Have Protective Female Boxing Equipment That They Don’t Tell You About

Although boxing has always been seen as an aggressive, male-dominated sport, recently there has been a gradual rise in the popularity of a wide range of international women’s boxing leagues that not only support the original form of boxing, but also its many other variations including kickboxing, martial arts and even MMA. On top of this the Official Olympic Committee for the 2012 games has now accepted the inclusion of female boxing into its upcoming event which has sparked a sudden explosion of interest from women of all ages, races and backgrounds who are running out to pick up a pair of boxing gloves and jump in the ring.

If you’re one of these eager boxing enthusiasts thinking of sharpening your boxing skills and wining one for the girls, well you’ve probably picked the perfect time to learn the sport. These days many of the well-known boxing equipment suppliers, as well as a hand full of brand new female focused boxing equipment companies have come out with an endless line of quality girls only boxing apparel and protective products that not only work effectively, but also look good too. In general both men’s and women’s boxing equipment is basically the same except that sizes, shapes and weights maybe slightly smaller or lighter for female items due to the obvious anatomical differences.

Apart from the main pieces of equipment, such as boxing gloves, padded helmets, hand wraps or mouth guards, there is a select set of protective boxing gear made especially to soften the impact of punches/kicks in certain sensitive areas of the female body.

Female Boxing Chest Guard

This cleverly designed piece of equipment comes in a wide variety of different styles to suit various body shapes and sizes, and to give the wearer both ample impact protection as well as a comfy fit. The first type is the ‘Sports Bra Compactor’ which acts similar to a standard sports bra with the addition of padding inserts. Secondly there is the ‘Turtle Shell Protective Cups’ which are circular disk like pads that can be easily slipped into your own bra for extra support and impact absorption. Finally for those requiring increased protection during a match or training session there is the ‘Female Chest Protector,’ offering a slightly more bulky fit this vinyl covered padded shell shields the chest, ribs, kidneys and liver providing excellent protection for the most important part of your front body.

Female Boxing Groin Protector

Perfectly designed to fit the shape of a woman’s body these innovative groin protection guards are offered by a wide number of top boxing equipment suppliers and come in a variety of designs. Compared with male ‘no foul’ guards these female versions either protect only the vital groin region or you can purchase one that has a wider abdomen guard that also provides protection the kidneys, liver and hips.